About festival
Bushe presents International festival of street battle. Street style in one space.

We'll combine breaking, hip hop tricking and graffiti unrestraint on 25-26th of March in Saint-P.

Have you ever heard about tricking? It's young trend on a joint of acrobatics and martial art which will be the main in the festival

Let's reveal one of our secrets- the one of the judges and the show star is Steve Terada from the USA.

Teams and individual dancers will be fighting for the title of the best on the 25-26th of March 2017

The highlight of the show is final battle with the top Russian trickers and breakdancers on 26th of March in Nautilus Space
Judges of battle
Steve Terada
Bboy Neguin
Владимир Хан
25 – 26 March
Saturday 25th of March
(time and place will be announced later)
Tricking – preliminaries and master-classes

Breaking– master classes

Hiphop - master classes

Capoeira – master classes
Sunday 26th of March
Nautilus Space

Breaking - Preliminaries

Hip Рop Сrew

From 18.00: impressive show-final of breaking, tricking, adult nominee of hip hop show and judges performance

with the support and the active participation of

tel.: 8 999 211-11-58

26 March
16-17я линия
Васильевского острова, 83
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